Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Tribute to Marines at Khe Sahn 2017

Enjoying the freedoms our brave vets have secured for us over the years and decades from my father's generation to those today on the front line against ISIS, i stopped into a Barnes and Noble to feed my bibliophile craving to buy a Nook and the latest Baldachi release. In checking out I asked the young woman if her grandfather had served in WWII. She said no but he had served in Vietnam, which makes an aging poet realize how old he is becoming. I told her i had written a poem about Marines and Vietnam and in her honor would post it. Semper Fi and God bless each and everyone of my generation that served in such a godforsaken war in which we were doomed to lose way too many brave men and women who answered the call and on this day dear God hear our prayers that due to our strength never again will we have to send thousands upon thousands into harm"s way.  
Tribute to the Marines at Khe Sanh on this Veterans’ Day 2016
We had no choice
We had no voice
No control over where we were sent
And yet into harm’s way we went
Billions wasted, billions spent
Lives lost, minds ruined, bodies maimed and bent
Only elders voted, only elders spoke
Release the dogs of war, images of glory to evoke
All sense of why and of caution to revoke
The flags waving, the canons roar to invoke
Release the dogs of war
The body bags to soar
No cheers and no welcome home parades
Only the light at the end of the tunnel charade
Hold Khe Sanh a worthless piece of terrain
Dig deeper to escape the shells falling like monsoon rains
Unlike the French we Marines will beat Nguyen
But like the French this is a war we cannot win
Despite all the Pentagon spin
Will God punish the elders for their sins?
We held Khe Sanh but for us no poems of Flanders Fields
Semper Fi to those who lived, to those who did not yield
To those whose names are etched on a granite wall
A sacred monument in the Washington Mall
Come close, come near
Put next to it your ear
Through the granite you will hear
The voices, do not hold back your tears
We had no voice
We had no choice
But we answered the call
Instead of poppies in a field we remain etched forever on this granite wall
© November 7, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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