Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy Valley Not Happy As Beta Pledge Dies At Party

Penn State is in the news in a place where it does not want to be
After a Beta fraternity hazing and drinking pledge initiation spree
After being forced to drink the Gauntlet one of its pledges
Drank too much and as a minor went over the conscious edge
 Fell down four times, toppled down the stairs and on to a sofa thrown
Retching vomit, contorting and emiting moans
Finally passing out with a probable blood alcohol at near or above .5
Over six times the legal limit, too high to drive and for almost all, too high  to survive
One student who must not have had a cell phone kept trying to get someone to call 911
Total scorn as watching the suffering of a pledge was probably way too much fun
Worse unlike states that that grant drug users who od and those who call a card to  get out of jail
With alcohol binge abuse that sort of wise policy to save lives may not prevail
Alcohol poisoning is very lethal and has a window that is very short
Delay as these Betas did for 40 minutes and the pledge’s life will be cut short
The house has been suspended, 8 Betas charged with manslaughter  and 8 for tampering with evidence or to minors alcohol sell
Nothing will bring back this man’s life but the 18 Betas unless they are psychopaths regardless of verdict will be condemned to a living hell
There are only a certain number hours for classes in any given day
Universities are driven by the PC Police to add diversity classes to the classroom array
Time to require alcohol ed and abuse and the deadly signs to hold the demons of alcohol poisoning at bay
© May 8, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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