Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Comey's CYA Memo Not Worth Paper Printed On

The mainstream media are in a frenzy like rabies infected dogs frothing at the mouth in circles running
While any sense of objectivity pouncing on rumors with a ferocity that is simply stunning
They smell blood and are trying to move in for the kill
The “I” word is being voiced more and more, the cries being more shrill
Comparisons over Watergate are being drawn and the pinheads are nodding their heads in accord
Trump is being lambasted by all manner of verbal hysteria swords
Warner and Schumer are ready to the appointment of a new FBI Director block
The sky is falling, time to dust off the Watergate clock
The only sanity to be found the mainstream media press
None other than the man who uncovered the Watergate mess
Woodward made it clear that this is not Watergate not even slightly near
An observation the Holts, Maddows and Mathews of media bias chose not to hear
Comey like a good bureaucrat well versed in the CYA Swamp
Has written a CYA memo alleging Trump asked him to back off adding to the anti Trump stomp
Where were his memos detailing the obstruction by Obama and Lynch?
An investigation of HRC going through the motions with no chance to an indictment clinch
A presidency may hang in the balance based on a he said I said view of a private conversation
Even if Trump is telling the truth, the media and some wobbly reds will not  believe him and  demand his resignation
The Trump rally that has created billions upon billions of new wealth may be doomed to burst
Job growth and income growth to collapse and go from optimism to a pessimistic worst
Tax reform, forget it, border security forget it, repatriation forget it, Obamacare replacement forget stronger military forget it-the list goes on
Hobbled by the Blues our chance of needed economic growth now becoming long since foregone
Schumer and Pelosi aided by the media mainstream
Will do anything to sate their seize power dreams
The losers each and every non Swamp denizens who will be crushed by flat or negative growth soon to return
Failed Blue policies of redistribution, over regulation and taxation allowing us to keep less and less of what we earn.
 May 16, 2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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