Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Nuclear Solution To End Blue Blackmail

Nuclear Solution To End Blue Blackmail 
The Blues led by the Hypocrite in Chief Chuck Schumer are like lemmings in a headlong flight to the impeachment cliff
False outrage over Comey firing under the cloud of false unfounded allegations of Russian collusion trying to Trump stiff
Not an ounce of collusion found if you believe the intel community and James Clapper
Yet the Schumer led rabid biased Blues are planting rumor bombs around the White House like a bunch of ISIS sappers
Almost like the spoiled brat who if not a team captain choosing first threatening to take his ball and bat  and go home
Leaving his fellow classmates stranded in the no game of baseball to play zone
Threatening to hinder the work of government by holding some 100 needed appointees hostage to a special prosecutor to be named
What childish moronic threats from the Blue rabid left that should by the voters at the ballot box be blamed
This scorched earth policy ala Stalin when it comes to tax reform and ACHA is an effort to bring the country to its economic knees
To destroy the surge in jobs, the market, and investment because HRC lost as a failed candidate and  with Trump they do not agree
McConnell needs to put an end to this all out war on a presidency by dusting off again the nuclear solution
For Blues who are suffering terminal fake Russian collusion syndrome and want to ruin recovery, subject it to diminution
Stuff any filibuster down their ranting throats
So we can move forward this stalled under Obama recovery boat
Offer them a seat to help the economy grow and if as expected they refuse
Leave them wallowing in the waters of voter rejection as Reds sail on the 4% recovery cruise
Stay on message on why ACHA is superior to Obamacare
As yet another company Aetna leaves the Obamacare cupboard almost bare
Despite the idiocy of the Blues Russian collusion remarks you have to begrudgingly give them an accolade
With their panic cries for a special prosecutor, Trump’s spotlight on tax reform is being pushed back and may fade
Maybe the cries are on purpose for the Blues know that Clinton was right and why he won
It’s the economy stupid and every other “issue” is a distraction and to reach office should be shunned
May 10,2017 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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