Monday, May 8, 2017

Sen. Harris Drops the F### Bomb Disgrace!

Elizabeth Warren was cut off during her speech on the Senate floor
As she chose to the rules against personal attacks on fellow Senators ignore
The rules of decency and decorum for the Senators outside the Senate floor seem not to apply
To leftist ideologue Kamala Harris who firing up her base chose decorum and decency to defy
She dropped the f# bomb while attacking a fellow Senator over his views on the AHCA
A Senator is supposed to be a deliberating legislator above the rhetoric now displayed
Not some foul mouthed uncouth profanity spewing senator masquerading  female
Whose only thought is to rally the base for the 2020 campaign trail
Our junior Senator tweets more than Trump and it is always about fighting for this and fighting for that
For her compromise, the essence of politics, is the f### bomb as she knows only how with Pinocchios to combat
Not one tweet about her ideas if they even exist on how to create jobs
Too busy with her inane fighting anti-Trump and f*** bomb lobs
Senator Harris should rise above her f### bomb rants to accept this is not a movie scene but real life
Instead of being part of the solution you are exponentially adding to the strife
The Senator you wrongfully demonized will not lower himself to mud argue with you in your sty
No matter what the urge to respond with the c*** bomb, that urge he will defy
The rest of us mere mortals even if we would disagree with him will save our nickels and save our dimes
Not for in the words of the Beach Boys to buy a 409
But rather to spend whatever in 2020 it takes
To keep you and your failed leftist agenda away from the White House gate  
© May 8, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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