Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sounds of Silence from Clerics

Any religion or philosophy purporting to be a religion that condones the killing of eight year old girls is a virus that must be killed
News out of Manchester is that the number of walking wounded have brought the wounded to 119, a doubling of the butcher’s bill
When does Islam come to its senses and begins to preach that blowing yourself to smithereens sends you only to hell?
When from the minarets calling the faithful to prayer do the imams sound radical Islam’s death knell?
Modern day pirates who have forfeited all and any right to life on this Earth
 Yet from the Muslim leaders in terms of numbers condemning the ideology an pitiful death
Social media should be publishing the faces of the eight year old girl blown to bits
Alongside the photo of the killer, a radicalized traitor born on English soil, a complete evil loser piece of shit
Each time one of these fanatics blows himself of herself to a few bloody scraps
A photo of the pieces with a caption “another loser off the face of the map,
Barred from Paradise and the virgins for men of decency who await
Buried in unmarked grave, no service or dumped like Osama as fish bait.”
Europe has failed miserably to assimilate its Muslim refugee and native born horde
Ramped up terror as the seeds of nonassimilation are reaped as its bloody reward
Finally, we have a president who refuses to mince words or bow to the PC curse
Hounded by the media and the left for being Islamophobic and not being enough diverse
While people died in the streets of Manchester from an ideology too perverse
 Leaving us to question whether it is too late to this trend of terror reverse
© May 24, 2017, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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