Monday, November 14, 2016

Wanda Sykes Not Funny Honey And Booed Off The Stage

You know that we must be in a world of biased hurt
When at a charity fund raiser a comedian the F bombs blurt
Ironic that the event was held on the eve of Loosen Up, Lighten Up
A day to chill out when anger over Trump’s election erupts
Wanda Sykes like so many “celebrity” leftists cannot bring herself to reality accept
That the forgotten men and women may like your humor but reject your leftist precepts
Into her routine to help this charity to raise for its causes money
She delivered a stream of invective that was most definitely not funny
The Boston crowd immediately started to boo, louder and louder to force her off the stage
That’s when she went into her F*you and F*you mother F*er ranting rage
Boston is not a bastion of the right wing
But political ranting is not what after paying for their ticket expected Sykes to bring
Calling our new President-elect a racist, homophobe and sexist who from those closets has been set free
Ignores the millions of women, black and Latino voters who would with that view disagree
With tempers and anger on the left running so very high
Would have been a good night to raise money for cancer and have a few laughs
While sharing with fellow attendees some appetizer and wines to quaff
The forgotten men and women won and the elite and establishment lost
In this honeymoon however brief we must not our chances to compromise exhaust
We cannot bear another four years of gridlock—to high a cost
Comedians like Sykes with her rancor should into the trash bin be tossed
© November 14, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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