Monday, November 21, 2016

Cuomo's One Way Justice and Tolerance Speech

The headline of Governor Cuomo’s speech on tolerance and justice is something that we could all get behind
Until one reads the speech beyond the headlines to understand that when it comes to tolerance and justice to reality he is blind
A hint early on of his praise for Representative Charles Rangel
A man with ethics devoid eager to snatch any dollars before him to dangle
A man who supported the thugs of the movement known as “Occupy Wall Street”
A prime example of why we need term limits to career politicians defeat
Followed by a litany of examples of intolerance coming forth from the right
Nary a mention of the hatred and bias of the left eager to bring violence into the political
A noble goal to be extolled is the praise for diversity
Hypocrisy in spades when you see conservative thought crushed at our universities
To the left diversity is only promoted if with the left one slavishly agrees
If not rational voices from the right are shot down, drowned out by a mob of howling banshees
The governor plays the “we are a notion of immigrants” card to slam the right’s moral soul
Only partially true as right has a secure border and legal immigration as its goal
Wanting a secure border to protect against terror, drugs and those who ignore the law
Is not hate or xenophobia and to lump legal with illegal is a typical leftist flaw
The children in our public schools from the teachers’ unions protection
Condemned to dead end education due to Blues’ charter schools rejections
Lost in all the governors’ platitudes and blame
Is the fact that we are a nation of laws that the left’s call for open borders defames
Diversity and justice is a two way street
Ere the race riots in our Blue governed inner cities once again will repeat  
© November 21, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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