Thursday, November 10, 2016

Trump Won The Three Front War

Unlike the Wehrmacht that fought on three fronts only to finally lose
Trump was besieged on three fronts but in the end he was the leader the voters wanted to chose
Toe to toe with Hillary who was disgusted her coronation march was being put on hold
As her old scandals were again and again being retold
Real new worries that with her server national security was put at risk began to unfold
More concerns that while at State favors in exchange for donations and speaking fees were sold
Worse for Trump he also faced another more dangerous front
He had to the bias and slanted reporting of the mainstream media blunt
From the leaking of questions by the Clinton News Network misnamed CNN
To the omission of stories to decades old charges of sexual harassment way back when
The media’s polls all predicted from day one that Trump was doomed to lose
In the end they were wrong and the losers were the Blues
At least we knew about the Blues and the mainstream media bias
Who would have expected a Red Fifth Column showing for Trump such impious?
Romney, three political Bushes, Kasich, Firorina, and until switching at the very end Cruz
Refusing to support Trump, hoping against all hope that he would lose
Even our president and vice president broke tradition and were furiously pounding the campaign trail
Bemoaning that Trump was unfit to in the Oval office sit, an effort doomed to fail
Not sure how short Trump’s honeymoon will be or whether it will even exist
He needs to move with hyper blitzkrieg speed before Pelosi and Schumer can strong arm their minions to resist
 Obama despite all his delusions has given him the blueprint of how to use the executive pen
Reid the roadmap in reverse on how to the trash heap of history Obamacare send
The Blues must understand that if they filibuster on jobs, taxes, border security, radical Islam  they do so at their peril
The forgotten men and women will avenge those acts which our much needed recovery will imperil
Once a week at the daily briefing for the press the swamp meter should be given the highlight
What progress has been made in draining the swamp of the lobbyists’ and cronies’ blight
© November 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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