Thursday, November 3, 2016

Comey's Reopening of a Flawed Investigation Is Not a Threat to Our Democracy

Normally I post my comments on the events of the day in muse form but the recent bombshell of the FBI reopening its investigation of Clinton's email server, the news of 650,000 emails on Weiner's lap top shared with Clinton's top aide Huma Abedin and the pronouncement that the FBI is 99 percent certain that Clinton's email server had been hacked by intelligence agencies of multiple nations has caused be to deviate from that habit.
I received the other day from a dear friend whose intellect and judgment I respect an email in which he indicated that our democracy is at great risk. His reason is that the FBI so close to the election had reopened the investigation of Hillary Clinton and her private email server. As Hillary would and has said an “unprecedenting and troubling act.” With all due deference to my friend, I have to disagree and point to what I think is the true threat to our democracy as we near election day with many of us wondering how with all of the potential great candidates we have to chose between Trump and Clinton.
This election has exposed several threats to our democracy, the first of which is the fact that a very paranoid Hillary Clinton set up a private email server to hide and conceal all of her emails from public scrutiny and to put our national security at risk by putting classified material on that server. The reason for doing that unless you believe in the tooth fairy was not for convenience, as she was revealed to have multiple devices, but rather to be able to circumvent FOIA requests and to hide her dealings with entities and individuals seeking favors with the State Department. When push came to shove and the Congress subpoenaed those emails she, following the advice and concern of her campaign manager Podesta, deleted them claiming falsely that they were only private like wedding plans and yoga schedules and emails between her husband who does not use emails and not work related. Nixon to his credit only had his secretary delete 18 minutes of the White House tapes; this potential felon deleted 30,000 plus emails in what any average American should view as pure obstruction of justice which is also a crime.
If this is not bad enough, this scandal gets even worse. The FBI, one of the few institutions that we as Americans should trust as being apolitical “investigated” the use of Hillary’s private email server and yet Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton, the husband of the target of the investigation privately in her private airplane on a tarmac in a meeting that she tried to conceal. It insults the intelligence of the American people to believe that the two of them for over a half an hour talked only about golf and grandchildren.  If a recording of the conversation had been made which is most doubtful, that conversation would have involved a promise by Clinton to keep Lynch on as attorney general if she was elected president, which election could not occur if a recommendation to indict had been forwarded to Lynch by Director Comey.
We have learned that the Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe’s wife was running for a state senate seat in Virginia received $675,000  campaign contribution from Terry McAuliffe’s PAC.  Terry McAuliffe is a long time Clinton supporter and in the spring of this year it was revealed he was being investigated by the FBI for accepting an illegal campaign contribution; the investigation and the investigation of Clinton was supervised by Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. McCabe wanted to spend a lot of nights on the couch the chance of Hillary being indicted was zero. We have also learned that John Podesta who is on WikiLeaks indicating the emails on her server have to be dumped received a heads up from an Assistant Attorney General. If the agents who “investigated” Hillary were to be interviewed or deposed, it is probably a safe bet that those patriotic men and women would be complaining of the obstacles placed in their way by the DOJ. Actually, when it comes to describing the DOJ when it comes to Obama or HRC the proper acronym should be DOIJ—Department of Injustice.
The threat to our democracy also comes from a mainstream media that when it comes to holding Mrs. Clinton accountable for her misdeeds has completely abandoned its objectivity and reverted to the yellow journalism advocacy reminiscent the Hearst newspapers in the 19th Century. You know we have a problem when CNN contributor Brasile leaked primary debate questions to HRC who revealed the true extent of her lack of integrity and character by saying she wanted another question since she had already seen that one.
This nation is blessed with resilient good people capable of doing anything as long as not overburdened by a growing government that is an obstacle to progress. We can and will survive a Clinton presidency or a Trump presidency although the prospects of a Clinton presidency facing criminal indictment due to her handling of her emails, her deletion of those emails in the face of a Congressional subpoena and the quid pro quo corruption of the State Department and the Clinton Foundation will make that survival much more difficult. But it is certain that what will doom this nation, to paraphrase the Kerner Report,  will be our becoming two nations of law, one law for people with last names of Clinton or others with names synonymous with wealth and power and other for people not possessing those traits.   
© November 3, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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