Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Give Him A Chance To Lead--Good Call Hillary

Despite the fact she from the rope-a-dope with the press
To any access to news conferences she wanted to depress
To limiting the number of debates so viewers would not witness
The energy of Sanders and the fact that her ideas were old and did not impress
To the Wikileaks that the DNC was against Sanders and was stacking the deck
To the Wikileaks that the media like CNN was at her call and beck
To the slamming of Trump supporters as a basket of deplorables
When she with her history of scandals and a private server was despised and not in anyway adorable
She thought that she had run a great campaign
Though the forgotten men and women voters saw through her disdain
This poet has tried to blog her candidacy into the ditch
For lack of record and her insatiable desire to use public office to make her and her husband rich
But I commend her for with respect to Trump’s win taking the high road
A plea to her supporters to give him a chance to lead, to not add to his heavy load
In the race to unify the country before rancor and bitterness raises its ugly head
This is a race Trump must win so any thoughts of locking her up must be put to bed
Launching probes and hearings to pursue Foundation pay to play graft
Will only exhaust political capital when disbanding it or having all Clintons sever ties would be the better path.
A bitter campaign but decided by the forgotten voters who yearned for the pumps
To drain the federal swamps led a president for all the people, Donald Trump

© November 9, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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