Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time For Left To Chill Out On Trump Win

Trump has not even been sworn in and the paid thugs of the left are rioting in the streets
Protesting violently that, even though most likely these thugs did not vote, Trump does not belong in the Oval Office suite
The people in Manhattan or Portland who voted in overwhelming majorities for HRC
Must be aghast as the mobs are breaking their storefronts, damaging their cars in a violent spree
The Sounds of Silence from the left are once again not to be heard
No one with courage to condemn the BLM and anarchist herd
We are the most polarized and divided we have ever been since the Civil War
Time for our “leaders” to rise up and denounce the violence that we all should deplore
Time for the celebrities who are in a total fit
To step back and rewrite the because of Trump I have to leave the country script
Time for the media to look honestly into the mirror
Finally go back to objectivity not advocacy their reporting steer
We face more problems than ever before but hobbled thanks to Obama with 20 trillion of debt chains
For the first time in many a decade a sense shared by large majorities that we are going down the drain
If we are going to have a chance to experience the equivalence of an American Renaissance surge
Day one the mantra of ideologues and rabid partisans both left and right we must purge
Time to put the rioting thugs in jail with enhanced sentences for those who did not vote
Lower the drawbridges on the aisles so both left and right can set aside differences and cross their respective moats
© November 12, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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