Thursday, November 17, 2016

Another Glaring Fraud and Waste in Kabul

You may disagree with Trump’s policies and views
You may believe that his ideas are those of an unfit cuckoo
But one thing that even the most rabid leftist has to admit
When it comes to construction skills he is more that fit
During the campaign in D.C. he took a brief break
To unveil his new hotel in the swamp ahead of schedule, under budget--he has what it takes
An artistic gem that will be one of his hotel crown jewels
As a builder of hotels he is certainly not a fool
Contrast that with the Kabul Marriot that was approved in 2006 great fanfare
It was supposed to be a five star gem beyond compare
Ten years later despite 85 million dollars of taxpayer funds it remains an unfinished shell
No wonder the idea that our government is competent is such a hard sell
No one will ever spend a night there but due to its location next to our Embassy we are with costs of security stuck
Another typical example of waste and fraud with once again the taxpayers totally of luck
Cutting back on fraud and abuse at the federal level will be as difficult as draining the swamp
But with Trump at the helm incompetence in federal construction will no longer be free to romp
© November 17, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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