Thursday, November 24, 2016

Greens Recount' Has the Fat Lady Sung?

“It ain’t over until the Fat Lady has sung,” Yogi Berra once said
In politics it ain’t over until the recount instead
Jill Stein of the Green Party has filed for recounts in three states and found enough cash
Trump won those states by a total of a little over 50,000 votes so small changes will his election dash
This is a scary thought as Russia moves nukes into Kaliningrad enclave
While the threat of war with India by Pakistan is turning very serious and grave
Turkey wants to put its shift to the EU on hold
In the South China Sea China is becoming more aggressive and bold
We are heading potentially to a repeat of 2000 and the hanging chads
While the Baltic Republics and Poland must be casting a fearful eye on the nuclear buildup in Kaliningrad
We are now reaping the seeds of Hillary’s and Obama’s weakness sowed for eight years
Russian Bear in full might on NATO’s border now starting to appear
While we may be heading to a transition of power in shambles and into the courts
A president-elect in name only who had in the campaign
The system is rigged as a frequent complain
The Greens with less than one percent of the vote are seeking the hypocritical high ground
With zero chance to have any votes shifted to them but able to mouth need to insure integrity pious sounds
Hillary had refused to mount a recount in three battleground states she lost
Like Nixon in 1960 who did not a recount in Illinois seek due to the to the nation cost
Can President-elect Trump that noted counterpuncher file in states he narrowly lost file for recount?
He may due to deadlines such a challenge he may not be able to mount
Will Hillary and Kaine announce to the nation that regardless of the results they will not serve
In the interests of trying to a sense of unity and a start of compromise try to preserve?
If a flip, her presidency will not be worth a bucket of warm spit
Divided beyond repair a nation hobbled to dangers face, completely split
The theater never seems to end and seems to grow worse
We are being punished for eight years of the rabid partisanship curse
© November 24, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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