Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bang the Gong If Gruber Appears Defending Obamacare

In the 70’s and 80’s, the Gong Show premiered on NBC
Aspiring amateurs displaying their talent for viewers to see
And if the talent displayed was lacking, not right for their chosen song
One of the judges would get out of his or her chair and bang the gong
Game over for this contestant, this time on the stage of talent did not belong
A great concept, made for laughs though cruel to the aspiring stars who thought it was wrong
After listening to the arrogant, condescending Jonathan Grub appearing on Fox Business News
Defending Obamacare lest we forget that was passed without a single Red only  Blues
Defending the premium hikes with a rationale that was hard to swallow
A rationale that looked bogus and seemed hollow
Gruber claimed the insurance companies underpriced going in
Today even with the increases Gruber claimed that they were less than they would have been
Bang on the gong
On this he has to be wrong
On the issue of whether the ACA has stifled job growth, Gruber denied any link
Straight face, nary a tic, nary the slightest hint of a twitch, not even a nervous blink
Flatly telling the host she had no facts, implying she was an ignorant dope
CEOs and business owners indicating they are not hiring are not facts only anecdotes
Typical academia delusion far removed from the real problems and burdens owners must bear
God help us all if the Blues filibuster any move by the Reds to Obamacare replace and repair
Unlike the Clinton News Network or the ideologues at MSNBC
Fox tries, with the likes of Gruber, Fair and Balanced be
But next time if Gruber darkens our TV sets to tell the hosts they are just wrong
A quick thank you for being here followed by a quicker banging of the gong.  
© November 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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