Wednesday, November 23, 2016

North Wind aka Leftist Media and the Sun

Who would have known that Aesop’s Fables have relevance even today?
Even stranger that one of them could have predicted that the election would go Trump’s way
The fable is the North Wind and the Sun
A fierce contest to see who would make a traveler his coat shun
Image the metaphor of the traveler being a voter on his way to the polls
After months of campaigning and negative ads that took their toll
Image the metaphor of the North Wind being the leftist main stream press
Who more than anything wanted to crown Hillary and Trump’s chances suppress
In metaphor terms the coat was the vote for Trump
Which the media wanted the voter not to dump
The press 24/7 ravaged Trump calling into question his temperament not trusted with the nuclear codes
Trying to bait him, trying to into anger lashing out goad
Leaking debate questions to the Clinton camp
Any support for Trump with inflated Clinton poll numbers to try to damp
Like the North Wind that blew harder and harder against the traveler on the trail
Only caused him to hold on tighter so the effort was doomed to fail
And in metaphor land what was the Sun?
The simple messages of make America great again and the swamp drain
Coupled with “crooked Hillary”, job creation, secure borders, tax cuts again and again on the campaign
The groping allegations from years past, tweeting the Khans, and the Miss Piggy distraction were like the clouds that blotted out the Sun
But as the campaign came to its end, the clouds cleared and the coat was removed but kept folded over his arm  and the Sun had won
Hillary had no record with the albatross of dishonesty, paranoia, and pay to play corruption hanging around her neck
The voters like the traveler saw through the media attacks and on Election Day they wisely chose to Hillary reject
Thanks Aesop for making this election so very clear
Let us unite and pray Trump’s record ahead will give us cause to cheer
© November 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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