Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Islamophobia Is New PC Racist Card

What the professor stated is drowned out by videos of Somalis in Minnesota their views on camera to express
That any disrespect for or ridicule of the Prophet should be by violence repressed
In a choice between our Constitution and Sharia law, Sharia they would always choose
Ignoring that in their unforgiving theocracy the unbelievers or “infidels” will always lose
If Somalis in this country want to live under Sharia law and not assimilate
Solution is very simple leave and go back to another majority Muslim state
The professor is wrong that opposing a theocratic state
Means that opposition to it does a charge of Islamophobia rate
Christianity compared to Islam has been on this planet for 700 years more
And Judaism has been on this planet for at least 3500 years a fact Muslims too often ignore
 The phobia is not with us but rather with the Muslims that have not evolved to other religions tolerate or accept
Who in their history have largely spoken with only the sword and gun instead of trying to with other faiths discept
It took Christianity over 1600 years to stop cleansing Europe and parts of Asia of Muslim and burning heretics and witches at the stake
With advances in communication, knowledge and globalization one hopes we do not have another 300 years to wait
Islamophia is not found when other religions keep waiting and demanding for the jihads against them to finally burn out
Instead of Muslims bent on converting, killing and putting Christians and Jews in total rout
As long as mullahs and imams continue to believe and demand
The killing of “infidels” including fellow Muslims, only bloodshed will plague this land
The good professor is making a huge mistake if she believes this nation against terror will be week
We may with great tolerance be slow to anger and may from time to time turn the other cheek
But when threatened by radical Islam, we will not go down like sheep
But will into the fray with no quarter and all weapons at our disposal leap
© November 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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