Thursday, November 3, 2016

Judge Napolitano Compares Comey To Hoover Huh?

As the campaign goes down the final last days of the homestretch
Comparing Comey's actions to that of Hoover's is really quite a stretch
Hoover remained Director of the FBI because of his secret political files
Compiling files on elected officials is definitely not Comey's style 
Since no elected man or woman is completely without sin
A fight against Hoover not knowing what was in your files was a fight you could not win
Comey could read the tea leaves after Bill and Loretta met in secret on her plane
Regardless of the evidence gathered any chance of bringing the case to a grand jury was down the drain
He should have laid out his recommendations and then dropped it back into her partisan lap
As opposed to like a director in another industry stating at his conference "in the can it's a wrap."
He did promise Congress that if new info came up he would the leaders notify
Weiner's lap used to back up her smart phone emails with HRC so qualified
If judge was concerned about due process all Hillary had to do was release of 650k emails not deny
The judge can vote for whomever he chooses but his vote for Johnson one should decry
Matters not in New York where her lead and Red votes for Trump will be nullified
But for voters in swing states his vote may influence others to shift to Johnson which would Trump's chances impact
A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary and for that fellow Reds should read him the riot act  

© November 3,2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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