Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Charter School Advocate Betsy DeVos to Head Ed Dept.

There must be quivering in fear and consternation throughout the teachers’ union nation
Trump has just selected Betsy DeVos to lead the Department of Education
She is a strong advocate of charter schools as a means to academic success insure
For Blue big city majors and teachers unions the disease of failure is far better than a charter school cure
Trump said it best on the campaign trail
Public inner cities are a disaster, a sure pathway to unemployment and jail
Charter schools in which the parents have a stake in their children’s success
As opposed to too many of our public schools where they are hobbled by failure and distress
Throwing more and more dollars at the inner city schools merely adds to the swamp’s depth
Adding the heavy hand of regulation by the feds merely adds to the swamp’s breadth
If I were an inner city public teachers’ union boss
I would be working day and night to see how into the trash my members’ opposition could be tossed
While seeking performance based grants to teachers who unlike the fraud at the  VA
Real not fraudulent measurements like graduation, entrance to college, fewer dropouts to display
And working day and night to work with principals to fire tenured teachers whose performance was subpar
Always when it came to qualifications to teach relentlessly raising the height of the bar
There will come a day in the not too distant future that dues the unions will have to earn
No longer to be forcibly deducted from the paychecks teachers earn
 © November 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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