Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sharia Law in Minnesota?

If this nation of immigrants wants to avoid the fate of European nations like France
Unless we bar from immigration those who will not assimilate, we have not a chance
The OSU attack by a Somali 18 year old with knife and car
Shows that even if we could properly vet Somali adults a good case can be made to them bar
How could you ever vet a young teen
Easy targets to be radicalized to become a member of the jihadi team
Minnesota is ground zero for a dangerous Obama inspired flood of Somali refugees
800 or so a month who believe that for all of us  Sharia law is the only cup of tea
Sharia law when compared to our Constitution is completely at odds by 180 degrees
Watching young Somalis on camera so stating and as to our system of laws wanting to disagree
If you want to feel a real chill and not one caused by the Arctic winds coming down from the Canadian plains and hills
Listen to their demands that insulting the Prophet merits punishment or violence so blood will spill
Trump has it right no one should be sheltered here or be allowed to stay
Unless adherence to our Constitution and love of this nation is on display
With one foot stuck in the repressive mire of Sharia law
And the other wanting to live in a Muslim land even if here, like so many Obama delusions admitting Somalis is totally flawed
If I lived in Minnesota I would be marching in the streets, waving American flags and carrying  signs
 Demanding the state abolish any aspects of Sharia law conflicting with our Constitution and any accommodation to Sharia law at work or in the schools decline
© November 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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