Monday, November 7, 2016

On Election Eve Who Do You Trust Trump or Clinton?

On the eve of Election Day and after a campaign that seems to have an eternity lingered in mud to last
When away for the pollsters eyes in the privacy of the booth how will you your vote cast
This has been a campaign that should have left us with a feeling of great disgust
If only we had Carson still with us to ask “Who do you trust?”
A political outsider who hurls insults at the drop of a hat and too quickly goes off script
Or a political insider with a scandal riddled past whose main regret is that her emails she did not encrypt?
If the election is about “Who do you trust,” Trump wins by a landslide
Voters are sick of the Clintons’ mordida and her insatiable need for quid pro quo bribes
We where seduced by Obama with his pledge to be open and transparent and to unite and unify
What we received on the sharp end of the stick was nothing but deception and a bunch of “period” enhanced lies
Transparency was merely a piece of vote getting talk
Push came to shove and it was the DOJ and IRS slow walk
Had we mere “stupid” American voters been a Superman instead
Armed with eyes that could see through thick windows of lead
Then Obama’s vow would have rung true
But not the case and nontransparency we only received from our big Blue
Whether Hillary will be another clone of Obama may be open to some debate
But when it comes to dishonesty or personal enrichment we know that’s what will be on her plate
After decades of corruption there is no way to expect her with her paranoia to alter
When it comes to more lies and deception and pay to play fraud I will pull the lever to halt her.
Not a perfect choice by any stretch of the imagination, but at least Trump cannot be bought
Even though we would have done exponentially better and cheaper if we had elected by lot.
© November 7, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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