Friday, December 14, 2018

Time to End Demonizing and Start Compromising

If in World War I with death and maiming all around
And the only sounds to hear were incoming artillery rounds
The Brits, French and Huns were able to enact on the front lines a Christmas Truce
Can we not as the 2020 campaigns begins not let the Dogs of Rhetoric to run loose?
Can we not for at least the Christmas season not crucify our foes by demonizing?
And instead approach the altar of civility and compromising
Gridlock and partisanship have become the tarnished rule
Attacks on the person instead of the ideas have become the only political tool
Demonize a person and the natural result is that the attacker is tuned out
What could have been a problem easy to resolve becomes a bloody no holds barred verbal bout
Gridlock rules the day
Any chance to resolve as opposed to blame fades away
We are left with a broken political mess
The governed under unrelenting stress
If politics were viewed as a Rotary Meeting swearing would merit a fine
Maybe over the top political rhetoric could merit similar treatment to keep discourse in line
Just a thought as all of us want functioning government to be sought
To replace the stinking gridlock rot
© Michael P. Ridley December 14, 2018

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