Thursday, December 27, 2018

Never Nancy Blues In A World Of Hurt

The never Nancy Blues who wooed the voters with that never vow
Must be feeling antsy to keep the pledge as dissent she will not allow
Whereas Trump can with a straight face affirm promises made promises kept
With the House flipped new successful Blues can only fear the voters will not forget
Caught between a rock and hard place
Vote against her and she wins your position is debased
Vote for her and she wins
The Reds will in two years a tale of lying spin
With her comments that the wall is immoral and the tax cut just crumbs
The Reds will expose her as a fraud who disdains voters because she thinks them dumb
A silver lining may be if Never Nancy Blues Pelosi blocks
Needing Reds to win she’d have to cross the aisle and we could end investigations and gridlock.

© December 27, 2018 Michael P. Ridley  

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