Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas 2018

For the Reds they received an early Christmas present like a lump of coal
They failed in their keep the majority in the House goal
A divided Congress with gridlock
And investigations rather than legislation to all progress block
Like shoppers chomping at the bit to storm the Black Friday sales in the stores
The number of Blue presidential potential candidates may have risen to two score
The Thanksgiving tradition of digesting the feast on the sofa has been tossed
Instead it’s off to the malls or computer screen so bargains are not lost
Gone is the time with a full stomach to reflect on the bounty of life
Replaced by the anxiety of Black Friday starting on Thursday shopping strife
For those facing the frenzy of Christmas shopping
Now soon to be never ending not slowing or stopping
We have endured Small Business Saturday
To see what goods non big box retailers have on display,
Attracted to our computer screens like moths to in frenzy click
While our wallets and purses quickly grow thinner not thick
At least we get a brief reprieve with Giving Tuesday to donate to those less fortunate than us
Who for whatever reason are struggling and have been thrown under the bus
Time to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas lights or the Newport Beach Boat Parade
Have the cornerstone of the gift of peace be laid
Tranquility enhanced by dropping bills into a Salvation Army pot
Or the joy of a food bag at a supermarket for the less fortunate bought
Or imagining the joy of a child opening a toy given to the Marines’ Toys for Tots
A Merry Christmas to all—we Americans despite our rhetoric are a fortunate lot
© December 19, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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