Friday, December 7, 2018

Immoral Card On Wall Funding Added To Racist Card By Pelosi

Every time Pelosi opens her mouth as a poster child resist fringe
Her rhetoric and tone and bias is enough to make most people cringe
Her latest rant on immorality is a total joke
Consistent with her open border goal that it evokes
She claims the wall would be immoral
Supporters are therefore sinners she has over a barrel
In her mind a border fence is free from moral damnation
But not a wall that would curb more effectively illegal migration
A fence is much easier to defeat as the surge by the caravan into Mexico revealed
But since an open border is what she wants a desire to for illegals the border unseal
The olive branch of a Dacca deal in exchange for a wall funding a promising compromise
Seen with biased eyes she turned down and proceeded to Trump and his supporters demonize
If she were not such a over top rhetoric partisan hack
We might engage in debate on whether a wall would hold illegals back
A wall worked in Gaza and between the West and East Berlin streets
Why would not expect the same outcome on southern repeat
The Blues want to spend money on programs like a drunken sailor on a spree
To claim is would be too expensive is just another example rational debate losty
Reducing illegals by 200,000 at $70,000 per illegal would in less than two and a half years recover the cost  
But an immoral card like the race card is much easier for her to use
God help us as gridlock in the House will the Trump agenda abuse

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