Friday, December 7, 2018

Pelosi Tosses Out the Immoral Card on the Wall

Pelosi has shown her hypocrisy and throw DACA and their dreams under the bus
Like most Blues for illegals she could care less—she is a person no one should trust
Ranting that she will on refusal to fund the wall will not budge
Even if offered a deal on DACA she will not move from her anti-Trump grudge
Rants that the wall is ineffective, expensive and immoral
She shows her true colors wanting open border portals
What is immoral is not a wall
That a flood of drugs and illegals will stall
What is immoral is an open border that puts us at risk
Encouraging the coyotes’ human and drug smuggling to remain brisk
A magnet to asylum scammers to ignore the process and from their homes flee
Driven to improve economic status which can only be described as crappy
Expensive the wall will be not
Compared to $70 grand costs per illegal thousands of English illiterates needing to be taught
Too many illegals are on welfare and food stamps
Overcrowding our ERs as more and more illegals from home nations decamp
Will the wall be effective? The answer is more likely than not yes
The rising tide of illegals will be suppressed
If I am wrong our current system is failing
It is worth the risk we need to a wall be unveiling
© December 7, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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