Monday, December 31, 2018

Fumble Ends Defensive Rumble In Sun Bowl

In the 19th and early 20th Centuries men swore by the observation that the Sun never set on the British Empire
Today on New Year’s Eve the Sun in the end never set on Stanford’s Sun Bowl desires
In El Paso an 8-4 unranked Cardinal team without Love
In the first quarter was by Pitt pushed into 3 and outs and to one yard total gains shoved
A 7 and 6 Pittsburgh team was rushing up and down the field
Against a Stanford defense that was bent but not broken and only a field goal forced to yield
In the second quarter a gasp of life after Whitesides took a 29 near the goal line strike
Scarlett with a one yard plunge gave a reason to the ball in a touchdown spike
Pitt came roaring back on the ground and found the end zone
Stanford was thinking it might be a long trip home
The second half was more of the same but with Pitt not running so hard as impossible to tame
Out of rhythm Stanford struggled and with a Pitt field goal further put Stanford behind in the game
In the waning moments and six points behind Whitesides made two great plays
With great speed and athletic ability on display
 A fantastic catch on the sidelines followed by an incredible route
The play that could potentially nail the coffin on this bout
This defensive at critical moments rumble
Ended into Scarlett’s arms Costello’s goal line fumble
Pitt to its credit did not quit and drove to a field goal for a victory gift
Disallowed as to the right in a awesome shank it did drift
Stanford failed to advance and punted to the three
Where Pitt fleeing from a safety threw a pass the results of which many may disagree
Not caught but falling out of control to the ground
And a play later Stanford would hear the victory sounds
Exciting game with emotion and passion and great skills on both sides
It should be a long time coming before an ACC team with a 7 and 6 we deride
© December 31, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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