Saturday, December 15, 2018

Roundtable Christmas 2018

During Christmas the Orange County Knights of the Roundtable holds a Christmas Brunch for its members, wives, children, grandchildren and guests with balloon puppets, face painting, a visit by Santa complete with a huge bag of toys and a remembrance of any member who had died during the year. I am called upon to create and deliver a Christmas poem. this is what I wrote and delivered; I hope you enjoy it.
Welcome to my fellow Knights, their spouses, children and guests
As we celebrate our Christmas buffet feast and camaraderie we are truly blessed
To my left there is an empty chair
Symbolizes that our fighter pilot Dave Khlages will no longer fly into the air
A reminder to live life with a purpose with sound goals to achieve
Makes it easier for the survivors to celebrate his life makes it easier to grieve
We have survived Black Friday which started after finishing our Thanksgiving pumpkin pie
As we charged off to the malls where decorum and civility in search of sales, the shoppers did defy
Followed by shopping on Small Business Saturday
To see what our neighboring businesses had on display
The on to Cyber Monday in a deluge of computer clicks
Our digital wallets and purses becoming thinner and thinner  no longer as thick
Then on to Giving Tuesday, a holiday so easy to sell
Whether contributing food, dropping off goods at Goodwill or tossing cash into a pot while the Salvation Army trooper rings his bell
On the national scene the Reds have woken up to a Grinch deposited lump of coal
The House has been flipped; in trying to keep the House they have failed in that goal
The race for the White House far too early has already begun
30 plus Blues and one Spartacus have indicated they are thinking about making a run
From this poet a plea that if in the violence of World War I
Where all hold on humanity seemed done
In the trenches Brits, French and Huns
Their generals the soldiers did stun
Observing a truce on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
Putting their guns away with no need to continue to slay
Then the two parties should be able to at least during the Christmas season
End the demeaning personal attacks and sermonizing and with each other try to reason
To no longer crucify each other on the cross of demonizing
Together to end gridlock to stand before the altar of compromising
On a personal level seek out and receive the gift of peace
Hold it close to your heart forever not to it release
Give of your time and hug spouse and children each day
Never let business for those loving acts get in the way
Serenity and tranquility as the lasting gift to guide your path
In relationships with loved ones and strangers and in practicing your craft
And to the children waiting anxiously like coiled springs
To see what gifts Santa will bring
Wondering when Santa’s airborne sleigh the roof will arrest
And whether they will pass the naughty or nice test
Worry not that this Christmas celebration will be stolen by the Grinch
Even if he is green no need to worry or flinch
Or hearing Scourge yelling “Bah Humbug” if he nears
That’s not going to happen this year
You have enjoyed a great meal without Green Eggs and Ham
For that you don’t need to be named Sam I am
Rejoice that Santa uses reindeer instead of a team of large moose
Slowing down his sleigh as Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose tries to shake the animals in his antlers loose
Never in the spirit of Christmas and Santa no longer believe, hold on to it so tight
Never give it up without a fight
But now I think it is high time
To end this Christmas rhyme
For on the roof I think a can hear Santa’ reindeer
Soon waiting children he will be here
Wishing one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year
© December 15, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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