Tuesday, December 4, 2018

9th Circuit Strikes Down Law Against Urging Illegals to Stay

The leftist Ninth Circuit has struck again
For that court always on leftist bias question of not if but when
Over public schools are a mess
Trying to educate illegal English illiterates put them in financial distress
Illegals forces down wages for the unskilled
Guess who pays for the increased welfare bills
Our ERs are swamped with illegals that cannot pay
Billions spent on illegals’ medical care as distress on public services weigh
The latest caravan from Central America is not going away
A federal law that makes it illegal to knowingly encourage illegals to enter or stay
The open border leftists cook the cost/benefit books
Claiming illegals contribute more that the public dollars they took
9th Circuit rules urging people to violate the law violates their 1st Amendment rights
Hope this decision quickly moves toward a Supreme Court fight
This poet is all for merit based immigration and a open hand to true asylum seekers
But the need for chain migration, lottery migration and poverty asylum refugee grows ever weaker
© December 4, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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