Sunday, December 30, 2018

Amend SB 54 Allow Local Police To Share Info On Illegal Aliens

On a suspected DUI stop Officer Singh ran out of luck
The victim of California sanctuary policies run amok
SB 54 prevents local law enforcement to convictions and arrests with ICE share
No wonder the fellow officers of Singh are gripped in anger and despair
His killer was not an illegal alien trying to better his life
Or a family man with spouse and children trying to escape cartel strife
No this illegal alien was a member of a violent gang
Two prior DUIs which explains why as Singh approached his shots rang
DUIs by illegals result in deportations no if ands or buts
Had ICE been notified Arriega’s stay in California would face deportation interrupt
But the police hands were tied by SB 54
Singh was gunned down as he approached Arriega’s door
A state’s first job is to its citizens’ safety protect
When it comes to criminal illegals its duty must be to them eject
State and local police should not be required to do the Border Patrol and ICE’s role
But they should be able to advise they have a criminal in custody and control
To ban them from so acting under the myth that it makes all of us safer is a complete dangerous myth
Blood on the hands of Blues who support the law as it must be changed forthwith
Not all illegals are criminals other than breaking the law by entering illegally this nation
But the Blues that support sanctuary status for violent criminals  merit not praise but utter and complete damnation
© December 30, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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