Monday, December 31, 2018

Ex-wife Donates Kidney To Her Ex 20 Years After Divorce

Too many divorces are like a descent into a legal inferno of hell
Fighting tooth and nail not even separated by the ringing of a bell
Lawyers like vultures pick at the carcass of a marriage failed
Gorging themselves on the outrageous fees the divorce entails
Children too often become pawns to be held hostage
While all around them Parent Alienation Syndrome rages
The seed of resentment, bitterness and hate germinates and grows
While the process in order to feed the time clock is very slow
That’s why that news on a divorce and medical front comes as such a relief
That not all divorces have to end in such emotional and financial grief
Mary Ziegler ended a 24 year marriage 20 years ago
With two children for the product of their marriage to show
When her ex-husband’s kidney began to fail
True to the vow of in sickness and health she did not bail
Her kidney was a match for a transplant so that’s what she did
Such a breath of fresh air that exes can still be friends when after a marriage is on the skids.
© December 31, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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