Sunday, December 30, 2018

Facebook Bans Graham For Post Critiquing Of N.C.'s Bathroom Bill

Facebook is back in the news and once again in an favorable light
Drawing conservative ire in the on going struggle conservatives have in the free speech fight
North Carolina passed a law that declared access to bathrooms is determined by gender at birth
Most of us would object to having girls share with boys identifying as girls a bathroom berth
The bill generated a firestorm of controversy from the LBGT community
Who support identity not biology as the way to determine sexuality
Enter Franklin Graham the son of Billy Graham who on Facebook posted a critique of opponents of the law
In 2016 which now had Facebook’s algorithms finding the post to have fatal hate speech flaws
His account was banned for 24 hours and his post deleted
Another example of conservative views being defeated
Fortunately Facebook has come to its senses to repost and his account reinstate
But the action of Facebook two years after the post show vividly a likely conservative fate
Congress needs to stop bickering and pass legislation to outlaw on social media these tech giants ability to block free speech
As long as it does not advocate violence or other illegal activity all of us should be able to social media with our words reach
You be the judge I defy you to be able to hate speech in the post discern
For his post a banning even for only 24 hours should Franklin Graham earned
© December 30, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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