Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Six Coal States Sue Washington State For Blocking Coal Export Terminal

The Evergreen State has a new nickname the Eversue State
Governor Inslee has just announced his 32nd law suit intent
To force the Trump Administration on dismantling Obama’s war on coal to relent
Now is being sued by six states to block Washington’s denial of a port for coal marine freight
Simple issue who owns the federal ports?
And can a state block another state’s attempt to export
On the West Coast there are no ports to load coal onto ships
The Millenium Bulk Terminal on the Columbia River was supposed to that problem in the bud nip
44 million ton capacity to the energy hungry market in Asia reach
A District Court has allowed a suit to overturn the denial so plaintiffs can beseech
Washington went through the motions of a study of environmental impact
But the denial is more likely based on Inslee’s climate change attacks
Our economic growth has been fostered by this simple fact
There are no barriers to goods across state lines to have them sent back
If Washington can prevent the export of coal
Can Montana the import of apples restrict and control
© September 11, 2018 Michael P. Ridley  

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