Friday, September 14, 2018

Pelosi Vows to Reignite War on Coal

The battle lines for the midterms are being drawn
Pelosi and the Blues desperate to return to control the White House Lawn
A party that seems to be without ideas or platform other than impeach and resist
Has decided that coal will be reduced if not ceasing to exist
Pelosi has vowed to close one out of three coal fired power plants by 2020
As she supports tax hikes that will move us from the land of growth and plenty
The Reds’ biggest fear should be that from Speakership contention she will disappear
She is the lightning rod that will cause Red voters to at the polls appear
Americans should all want some R and R
Which if the Reds stay focused the Blues they will bar
Not the vacation away of work
But results versus resistance as the left goes violently beserk
Look to the results of the tax cut and regulatory reform
A thriving economy on all cylinders with optimism reborn
Across all segments with no one left behind
Voting to reinstall the party of Pelosi and Waters one would have to be blind
So Pelosi wage your war on economic growth and coal
Wave goodbye to your retaking the House goal.

© September 14, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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