Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kavanaugh's Accuser Out In Open

An event that may or may not have happened four decades ago
May have dealt Kavanaugh’s confirmation a death if not a delaying blow
At a beach party in Maryland with teens drinking and no parents home
Christine Ford has broken her silence and claimed Kavanaugh crossed into the sexual assault zone
Pushing onto a bed and trying to her swimsuit
While his friend Judge laughed and rooted
When Judge fell onto the bed all three fell to the floor
Allowing her to escape through a bathroom door
Then when she hear Kavanaugh and Judge heading down the stairs out through window
Dropping to the ground one story below
Cannot remember where the house was for this traumatic event
Or how she managed to get home only that she did not consent
Did not tell her parents, her lips sealed until 2002 before marrying her husband but the perpetrator she did not name
Revealed in a counseling session once again in 2012 with spouse before a therapist but did not name
The reason why subject herself and her family to scorn
Now forced out in the open when her identity became known
Kavanaugh has been vetted extensively by the FBI and this episode never became known
A no at the last moment the Blues are demanding the president his nomination disown
Of the three people that could have been in that room that night two denied
What facts to find the truth should one rely
Or should one condemn the act but not use it as a decades long career as a judge, father and spouse to dimiss
And dump this man into the reptilian brain sordid abyss
Seventeen years old and from the 65 women who knew him and support him in this  one time event
No this is not the time to the fallows of unforgiveness should Kavanaugh be sent
 Maybe if it occurred he was in a brownout or blackout and had no recollection of something he would detest
The issue is what has occurred since becoming an adult and there is nothing remotely derogatorily to suggest
His relationship with his wife may not be affected but with his daughters perhaps
A greater punishment cannot be imagined if in their eyes their knight is being unwrapped
He should apologize to Ms. Ford along these lines I do not remember the event
That seems so out of character and my morals and integrity bent
That I denied when I should have said if it occurred I apologize sincerely for the injury I have caused
It was not who I was nor who I am now and that behavior would have been an inexcusable character flaw
The Blues are using this event as a rallying cry against the War on Women and the silencing of the accused
Whether they come forth immediately or hide for many years in the shadows when abused
© September 16, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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