Friday, September 21, 2018

Chill Out Time On Kavanaugh Hearing

It is time for the Blues to take a deep breath and chill out
As the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing is turning into an ugly partisan bout
Death threats against Ford, Kavanaugh and his wife
No one should be allowed impunity to take a life
Senator Feinstein has committed a major senatorial disgrace
Sitting on Ford’s letter for 7 weeks until after the hearings were no longer in place
A last minute 36 year old sexual abuse charge to against Kavanuagh lob
A hatchet smear job to a confirmation of a man of great integrity try to rob
The Blues who stood mute on recent sexual battering charges against Ellison lodged
Cannot the hypocrisy bullet even attempt to successfully dodge
Lining up in front of cameras since the charge is against a Red
Intoning that they believe Kavanaugh tried to drag Ford into bed
Senator Hrono goes off the deep end
In cases of sexual abuse white men cannot be believed trend
The sounds of silence when it comes to sexual abuse by Blues one finds hard to ignore
If a woman assaulted by a Blue like Clinton her access to complain finds a closed door
Yet Booker is honored as a hero for admitting he groped a breast
Going to second base to pass the scoring test
Lost in all the rhetoric and support for a victim who has not yet testified is this simple fact
Does a one time inappropriate behavior if it occurred at age 17 merit a position on SCOTUS being pulled back
If yes then who among us is without sin who can toss the first stone in an attack
Are we so devoid of fairness to view the total character over 36 years to judge if it does not lack
© September 20, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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