Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Emmy Awards Ratings Crash to Record Lows Amid Middle America Bashing

There is a wise adage that says never bite the hand that feeds you
Hollywood at the Emmy Awards shows that they are without a clue
Mired in Trump and Red bashing
Ratings for the show were sent to all time lows crashing
Middle America does not believe Christ is for only Republicans and ex-crackheads
They believe He should be revered and worshiped instead
The Emmy Awards like the silver screen Oscars have become a Blue campaign rally
Instead of celebrating artistic achievement, it is how many anti-Trump digs can you tally?
People want to escape from the 24/7 political world
With all its over the top rhetoric at the other party being hurled
When shows because of bias see their ratings like the Emmy Awards drop
Hopefully the drumbeat of politicization of TV will stop
For advertisers will not keep backing a dead horse
Salaries of the leftist elite will drop forcing a change in course
© September 19, 2018 Michael P. Ridley  

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