Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Delusional Obama Trying To Claim Credit For Economy Under Trump

Obama with his legacy torn to shreds
Has deviated from the norm and campaigning against Trump and the Reds
Claiming that this midterm will restore sanity to the elections
Ignoring the fact in eight years his goal of 3 percent growth was in total deflection
Still a great speaker but suffering from a bad case of performance delusion
Pathetically trying to claim he was responsible for the strong economy illusion
Of the 10 million jobs created under Obama’s watch 94% were part-time
Next to impossible to out of poverty working less than 30 hours climb
Obamacare was a job killer to add to a payroll with healthcare costs to then profits shrink
Or worse after exceeding the minimum force a business into a sea of red ink
Forcing small businesses to offer part time work
Not enough hours to avoid the economic dangers affecting families that lurk
Most anemic recovery in our history by a community organizer who couldn’t run a business if his life depended on it
Time for him to on this campaign to discredit Trump get off the stage and just quit
© September 11, 2018 Michael P. Ridley 

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