Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kanvanaugh and Ford Only Losers No Winners

In  a case of sexual abuse there are no winners only losers  of a traumatized victim  and shamed perpetrator facing consequences adverse
Woe to two people who are affected by the reptilian brain’s heinous curse
Woe to their families whose privacy is cast into the spotlight
It is tragic for children to see their father cast in such an unfavorable light
It is tragic for a victim’s future relationships with men to be torn asunder
Always on guard in distrust for the unexpected act of rape and plunder
In the political arena add Diane Feinstein to the collateral damage mix
Accused by Reds and Grassley of dirty political tricks
Sitting on Ford’s letter until the hearings came to an end then the accusation at last minute lob
All the characteristics of a reviled political hatchet job
How are we ever going to get the best and brightest who have not spent in a monastery or convent time?
To seek public services when every aspect of their lives stretching back decades is searched without reason or rhyme
More collateral damage to good people now afraid to come forward instead of holding back
Not wanting to be subjected to vicious politically motivated personal attacks
We will never know what happened or did not happen in Maryland on that party night
But saying Kavanaugh is guilty because he is a man is far from right
And not hearing the accuser and her pain and dismissing her out of hand will add to her grief
Hinder her from gaining a measure of relief
One day does not the character of the man make
A one time incident if it occurred a seat on the bench to away take?
To be forever perceived as an abuser or attempted rapist
Severe punishment of an act he and one witness claim did not exist
© September 20, 2018 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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