Friday, September 14, 2018

Feinstein Booker and Harris the Trio of Smear

Just when after grueling sessions by the Senate, a confirmation vote on Cavenaugh nears
Senator Feinstein launches a last minute Bork or Anita Hill like Cavenaugh smear
A cryptic note to cast doubt on his fitness to serve
Not for something as an adult but as a teen a false charge he does not deserve
No wonder the best and brightest when it comes to public service more and more take a pass
Who wants to be ravaged by the likes of Harris, Booker and now sadly Feinstein who are devoid of class
Booker with his theatrics of what proved to be a deceitful lie
A Spartacus moment about releasing documents already declassified
Kamala Harris boasting her 4 Pinocchios for editing a clip
The Blue Senators have on civility honesty and integrity lost their grip
Feinstein’s cryptic note she solemnly noted she had referred to the FBI
Designed only to smear a good man as he categorically denied
What 40 years ago someone did or did not do
Even if remotely or partially true
Does not merit being smeared and crucified
This poet will hold his nose and his vote for fellow alum deny

© September 14, 2018 Michael P. Ridley

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