Friday, September 14, 2018

Conservatives Fearful Of Coming Out Jack Dorsey

For many years gays and lesbians lived in the closet afraid to admit
Fearful employers would react by firing or asking them to quit
Or voters would not see them for public office fit
Fearful that in a foxhole they would not be allowed to sit
Not right and slowly but surely the closet doors opened and they came out
And the forces of discrimination receded though not in a complete rout
New closets unfortunately are experiencing a building boom
And diversity of thought is suffering great doom and gloom
In college classrooms conservatives are fearful to their ideas express  
In Hollywood conservatives are fearful lest their employment chances be suppressed
In politics poll results are often skewed
As conservatives fearful expressing what they believe is true
In Silicon Valley the social media giants lean to the liberal cause
Anyone expressing conservative thoughts is thought to be flawed
No wonder Dorsey of Twitter indicated conservatives are afraid to come out
A different opinion than the left is quickly put to rout
Somewhat hypocritical and self serving due to Twitter's shadow ban
And algorihyms on conservative speech hard to justify or understand
No one wants to be attacked for one’s social views
Build and hide in the closet so no one has a clue
Who loses when ideas are concealed due to possible ridicule?
Concealed due to a self imposed gag rule
The answer is simple each and every one whether left or right or in between
Tolerance on both sides must be the mantra so the dependence on closets we can wean

 © September 14, 2018 

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