Friday, June 10, 2016

WH Confirms It's A Criminal Investigation

Finally the Obama administration comes down out of its delusional clouds and to the public reveals
That the FBI is not conducting a security review but a criminal investigation that is prolonging Hillary’s ordeal
Her private email server totally unsecure no matter how she tries to a complete lack of judgment mask
Is taking away the time in adorations for being the first woman nominee she would like to bask
Obama is touting she is the most qualified candidate for this office to ever run
Though when it comes to following the law and rules she is far too quick to shun
She has made history but like the commercials of William Devane
It’s not the history we would admire; it will continue to cause her too much election pain
For the first time in our history we have a candidate under criminal investigation by the FBI
A woman who has a history of behavior to the rules of law and orders completely defy
A woman who with her husband turned the Department of State
Into the Wal-Mart of quid pro quo of favors as long as donations and fees were heaped upon their plate
The private email server had nothing to do with convenience only from reporters the extent of her acts conceal
How many of the 30 thousand emails deleted would her corruption at State reveal?
Now we find that true to Clinton form a fund raiser with not an iota of nuclear weapons skill
But one who had raised thousands of dollars to fill the Foundation’s and her campaign’s till
Was appointed to a select board to advise the feds on nuclear weapons matters
No wonder the public believes her ethics and honesty is completely tattered
This campaign will be ugly and the mud will nonstop fly
Already her narrative is that Trump will rashly lead us into a nuclear war and millions will die
Watch for the remake of the little girl plucking the petals of a daisy while saying “loves me, loves me not”
With a voice over of Trump saying “If they are not nice to me a lesson to them will be taught.”
Followed by the mushroom cloud to white out the TV screen
Since Hillary believes the ends justify the means, this will be the most vicious campaign yet seen.
Talk about the lack of temperamentally pot calling the kettle black
From the lips of a woman who any sense of honesty and truth completely lacks
© June 10, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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