Wednesday, June 8, 2016

San Francisco Left Pushing for Vote for Illegals

San Francisco is a sanctuary city infamous for Kate Steinle’s death
Shot by another illegal alien in her father’s arm taking her last breath
Now we find out that the left in the City by the Bay not only do they want to keep ICE away
They want to give illegals the right to vote in school board elections to the election of officials sway
Basic citizenship 101 is that you have to be a citizen in order to vote
But not to the left who an open border they want to promote
Like the moose eating cookies when will this idiocy ever end
Since illegals care about trash like schools in city elections illegals to the ballot box the left would want to send
Since illegals care about law enforcement and the need to neighborhoods protect
The left would want to give illegals the right to sheriffs elect
Since D.A.’s have such great discretion on whom to prosecute
The left would want to give illegals the ballot so law enforcement D.A.s illegals could refute
Increasing welfare for the left is the most sacred Holy Grail
Watch for demands that illegals should vote for supervisors to insure more successful left winners on the campaign trail
Being swamped by unskilled and often criminal elements is flushing this once great state and nation down the drain
Debt rising, welfare rising, crime rising, drug use rising while the left in their ivory towers completely ignore our rising pain
Seal the border, seal the welfare office, seal the employment door
Seal the wire transfers back to Mexico and to San Francisco your sanctuary city status is no more
Trump is not the perfect candidate and on security and the economy he needs to be focused like a laser light
And the need to out of the growth of job killing regulations take a huge, near fatal bite
Hillary’s lack of judgment and her making State the quid pro bazaar is fair game
But no more personal attacks on judges being Mexican American and trying to defame.
© June 8, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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