Thursday, June 23, 2016

Supremes Block Obama Illegal Executive Action On Immigration

If one does not think that this election will determine the fate of this nation for decades to come, today should have removed any doubt
A petulant lecturing Obama addressed the nature after the Supreme put his illegal executive action on hold prevented his acts to the Constitution flout
This constitutional professor when it comes to the Constitution has a fatal imperial blind spot
Must have been asleep when the principle that Congress passes the laws was taught
We are a nation of immigrants but also when it comes to immigration a nation of laws
Yet Obama continues to lump illegal and legal immigration together which is an analysis totally flawed
A 4 to 4 decision which if Hillary wins in the fall will mean the balance of the court will shift
To the left for decades this country will continue it growth of government and regulatory  drift
If the stakes are high in the judicial branch so too on Capitol Hill
Where last night the Blues in a shocking breach of decorum and rules staged a sit in on the House floor to protest a lack of a gun control bill
A fund raising stunt, what you would expect in a third world legislative body with representatives almost coming to blows
The publicity pivot from radical Islam to blaming Orlando on a lack of gun control was a pathetic political show
The Reds may have a real problem in retaining House and Senate control
Pelosi and Schumer licking their chops in anticipation of regaining a  majority status roll
The sands as to raising money for Trump and the down ticket slate
Are rapidly leaving the campaign hourglass; a push for unity the Reds cannot delay or a disaster for them awaits
The great call by Obama for hope and change and to the country no longer divide but unite
Quite clearly a failure which bodes not well for this nation coming out an bitter, gridlocked election fight
© June 23, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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