Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My Kingdom For A Strategy Instead Of A Horse

Finally on the issue of radical Islam, Obama’s thin skin was breached
Switching into his lecture modes to his critics a lesson teach
His failure to use “radical Islam” nothing to do with being in a PC mode
Only not wanting to alienate the millions of Muslim that inherit this globe
“Calling the threat “radical Islam” will not make it go away”
On that he is right words and teleprompter speeches will not sate their desire to slay
Obama has no strategy of defeating ISIS and radical Islam
Other than reluctantly cancelling a golf game, expressing outrage and dropping a few bombs
Strategy as the art of analyzing, projecting and directing the forces needed in the campaign
Since that would require listening and admitting an error, those skills have never entered his brain.
But calling for a war on radical Islam will cause the PC police Islamophobia charge to lose its sting
Most Americans even if the activity looks suspicious are reluctant to report knowing the left and C.A.R.E. will the Islamophobia charge bring.
In World War II calling Hitler’s minions Nazis did not strengthen his support among the German people
As their cities were bombed day and night leveling homes, factories, bridges, and steeples
You cannot defeat an ideology that crosses the open social borders with complete ease
Any more than without complete quarantine in all matters of  life can you stop an airborne deadly disease
An ideology that preaches the number of Paradise virgins for jihadists is based on the number infidels killed
Means that no matter how many drone strikes, we will face a growing Orlando like butcher’s bill.
If we are to avoid being viewed as attacking all Muslims not only must we use the term radical Islam but define what the cancer to the religion means
From the call to kill gays, to the stoning of women, to in jihad giving the victims a simple choice—convert or die, no ifs, whats or in betweens
The treatment of women from covering head to foot to not driving to not being in public alone
May be feudal and against our norms of behavior but should still within our tolerance zone
From the Koran linking Muslims to the tribes of the books to jihad seems a great disconnect
The great challenge which has not been addressed by this drone happy administration is how to we get the ordinary Muslim to ideology like ISIS reject
We have been at war for more than fifteen years and I doubt you could find enough experts to fill a room who understand the workings of the jihadist mind
Until we do, any attempts to defeat the ideology will be more like futile efforts of the blind without canines or canes trying to lead the blind
© June 15, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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