Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trump Lambastes Hillary As Corrupt

The war of words heated up today as Trump attacks Hillary over her record and being asleep for the 3:00 a.m. call 
With a record of taking millions for her Foundation from Middle East countries killing gays she is not fit to win this fall
Pulling no punches he laid the rise of ISIS directly at her feat
Pushing relentlessly for Khadafy’s removal and defeat
Ambassador Stevens was begging for security but those pleas from her “friend” fell on her deaf ears
Now Libya, a failed state, has become an ISIS hornet’s nest growing by leaps and bounds no wonder Europe has much to fear
She lied about the video when Benghazi was a well planned, sophisticated attack
Four coffins bear witness to the results on a Dover Air Force Base tarmac
While at State she turned it into the Walmart or Amazon quid pro quo store
Trying to conceal with her private server secure in her belief the media would ignore
Clinton Cash should be required reading for any voter before going into a voting booth to pull a lever
The timing of contributions and speaking fees for Bill a giant cash shakedown that applicants could not sever
Trump also put out his hands to Sanders supporters who from the DNC received the proverbial shaft
Attacking like Sanders the Obama/Clinton trade deals that show a complete lack of deal making craft
Trump may be viewed as a loose cannon and his personal attacks may go over the top
 But Hillary’s only claim to fame is that her dishonesty and nontransparency does not stop
In a classic example of the Hillary pot calling the Trump kettle black
Nearing 20 trillion in debt we are now almost bankrupt and certainly will be after 4 more years of Obama like spending tracks.
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