Thursday, June 30, 2016

Transgenders In The Foxholes

This poet because of his ears during the Vietnam War was classified 1-Y
Only in the case of a declaration of national emergency would he be at risk to be sent off to die
Never had the chance to share a foxhole or charge with a Band of Brothers near death
To watch comrades shot to pieces yet to somehow, someway survive to take another breath
In the 60’s the concept of transgenders did not in the military macho world exist
Gays if not totally closet most likely could not be drafted and could not enlist
Today Ash Carter the Secretary of Defense
When it comes to transgenders no longer stayed on the fence
If you have been in your new identity for 18 months confirmed
Welcome to the Armed Forces for your patriotism to be affirmed
Regardless of chromosomes, regardless of sex or identity ponder or have a changing wish
You can serve this country when the dogs of war are released to chow down at the Martian dish
The world for the baby boomers growing up in Father Knows Best  are now exposed to change at hyper speed
Aging, baptized by the disrespect for authority in the Vietnam War, the old voices of order no longer to heed
In the days when rifles and full ammo loads weighed 60 plus pounds
You might want to be surrounded by strong young men who would hold their ground
Today, when brute strength and endurance may not be the key
But rather the idealism to stand and die when the forces of terror are on a killing spree
Welcome to the foxhole, Bruce or Caitlin who to protect the civilians will give up dearly his or her life
All hands on deck whatever the gender may be with thoughts to win against the forces of evil that are running rife
© June 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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