Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hillary Disappears From The Press For Six Months

On December 4, 2015 Syed’s contacts with extremists were being investigated by the FBI
The Pentagon opened up all combat roles to women to for their country fight and maybe die
The Senate passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood and repeal certain Obamacare elements
The job report numbers showed that unemployment had dropped to five percent
Coldplay will perform during halftime during the Super Bowl
The Senate shot down a bill on more gun control
But what was truly for the day the  most notable event
Hillary held a press conference then into her campaign bunker quickly went
For the next six months when it comes press conferences she has disappeared
Why is she hiding; from the press what does she fear?
An interview with T-Ball questions here, a talk show TV appearance there
But when it comes to press access that cupboard is completely bare
From the moving rope lines in the early stages to keep reporters at bay
To using her Secret Service to keep questioning reporters far away
The coronation queen has treated the media with contemptuous disdain
Tough questions from them might hinder her expected coronation and “I deserve it” reign
She attacks Trump for attacking at his press conference the members of the press
While she has held none and is bent reporters’ access completely suppress
Despite her vow in public that she would speak to the IG on her emails
She then refused and told her key associates to from the IG’s questions bail
The DNC has done its very best to shield the viewers from seeing her debate
Scheduling them at times or on days when the number of viewers would be at the lowest rate
If I were she knowing the FBI is hot on my tail and having read the IG’s damming report
Detailing in page after page how my handling of my emails and private server came up far short
I would hunker down too and in true Clinton fashion label it old news and a conspiracy of the right wing
After all, the tactics have worked to perfection in the past and soon my ratings will be on the upswing
Big mistake as here she has a great chance to the Golden State lose
Voters are disgusted that the unelected superdelegates will be the ones that choose
Sanders in a dead heat is finally calling on all to give the IG's report a close look
While Trump at every opportunity calls her a crook
With the race so close in California, most voters are not pleased
That she away from a Sanders’ debate before voting, true to her fashion, bobbed and weaved.
© June 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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