Saturday, June 11, 2016

Let the Dueling Begin The Voters Lose Will Not Win

Like the lines of an old 60’s protest song
Everyone is right and everyone is wrong
On the left the Huffington post asserts
Trump’s rallies should be disrupted, his supporters hurt
On the right the man with the art of the deal
Fund raising efforts lagging to an election win seal
Lost in the clatter of bias on both sides of the press
An economy wobbling in great signs of distress
On life support, hobbled by growing debt
Eight years of failure we cannot forget
Two candidates who have set all time honesty lows
How can this be the best upon us our political parties can bestow?
Sound bites and barking dogs and vicious personal attacks are not solutions to advance
While a beaten Sanders looks each day like a Quixote armed with a broken lance
A billion at least on each side will be likely spent
Corrupting dollars to the will of the people bent
Watching Trump and Clinton at each other’s throats
Means any chance of rational compromise so remote
Somehow this republic has managed in the past to its problems endure
How much longer possible with party before nation as the growing lure
Matters not the party, office tenure corrupts even the most honest holder of a political seat
Look around and among long term office holders, mostly dishonesty you will meet
The holy grail of any office holder should be a limit on time in office to serve
Then back to the private sector away from the remote D.C. special interest reserve
Unless you have money or can bundle it in large amounts obscene
You are a slave of the D.C. plantation whose thirst for money cannot be sated or weaned
 © June 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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