Sunday, June 12, 2016

Orlando Proves Once Again Radical Islam--Say The Words Obama

Orlando is the land of the magic kingdom where dreams of children come true

This Sunday morn at a gay and lesbian nightclub Radical Islam delivered its deadly brew
After a three hour standoff SWAT rushed into Pulse
Too late for this act of sheer terror to be repulsed
Over 50 patrons killed and 50 more lying bleeding on the ground
Radical Islam’s links to this slaughter my guess will be found
After all this pathetic martyr pledging ISIS allegiance calling on 911 holding hostages waiting to kill
If this is not radical Islam nothing short of another 911 will for this President ever will esto 
No more ifs but when Radical Islam will wage war against innocents on our soil
In anticipation of a typical tepid PC response by HRC and Obama our blood should boil
I hope the gays and lesbians in this nation view this as a wake up call
Sharia calls for all gays and lesbians to be thrown off a roof or lined up and shot against a wall
The gay and lesbian community back Hillary with an almost unanimous voice
After today the Sharia results, for them Trump should be a far better choice
Obama and Clinton want to bring thousands upon thousands unvetted Syrians to this land
Trump instead wants until we get our act together a temporary admittance ban
Obama addressed the nation and once again with his blinders on repeated his error
Refused to call the murders Radical Islam only an act of terror
No labels only the tepid call for gun control
Result at least 50 more innocent souls
At least he did not head out for another golfing round
Surprise he cancelled a Clinton fundraiser to stay in town
What is really scary is that millions of Muslims believe that Sharia should be the law of land
If so, we are not dealing with only a fringe minority lunatic band
But a large segment of a religion that opposing beliefs it wishes to exterminate
How many more decades before tolerance becomes its tenet—how much longer must we wait?

© Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 

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